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Tradition for your home
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The production base of Blaiv is located in Sevlievo. Its experience and traditions date back to the 1960s, beginning at the craftsman level. From a small family business in the 90's, it grew to a modern and well-equipped company with its own spinning mill, a sewing and weaving shops with modern shuttle, jacquard and projectile looms.

Wool Blankets
100% high quality wool.
Cotton Blankets
100% high quality pure cotton.
100% acrylic
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Welcome to Blaiv !

We Create Beautiful Designs
to vitalize your home

Wool Blankets

rhodope type

Wool Bedspreads

over 100 models / for double beds, single beds, living room covers /

Lightweight Blankets

pure wool and mix - wool with polyester

Traditional Bulgarian Tablecloths

8 main colors

Woolen Yarn

different thickness

Bed Linen and Pillows


flax, kenar, waterproof and others

Authentic Fabrics

tufty rugs, rugs, carpets, bags

With our products we furnish hotels, restaurants, hospitals, kindergartens
and thousands of Bulgarian homes. Part of our production we export abroad.
Our aim is to combine the old Bulgarian traditions in the textile industry with
the modern technologies, conforming to the European environmental regulations.

The company has been awarded First Prize and a golden medal from the exhibition
"Choose the Bulgarian" and "Silver Lion" from the exhibition "Made in Bulgaria".
We have a certificate of loyal company. The company has its own
transport and for larger quantities we can deliver to the client.
We have a well-developed distribution network.